Haiti – October 7, 2016

Mornin Everyone

Well now that the hurricane is gone and things are now just settling back to abnormal.
When we were here during the earthquake I thought nothing could be more damaging but now it is becoming clear that this hurricane will probably exceed the earthquake in certain areas.

As you know my heart and ministry is with the mountain people that live above Grand Goave.
When the earthquake hit they were not affected like the towns were.
In town most of the construction is block and during the earthquake those building either collapsed or were heavily damaged.

The mountain people on the other hand live in tiny wooden houses with dirt floors, those building just shook and lost a few boards but did not collapse.
The death toll in the mountains was very little compared to the towns, some lost their life from landslides but other things like their cattle and crops were untouched.

Now lets put in to play what just happened here and how the mountain people were affected by this hurricane.

Imagine going about your day in the mountains with the women cooking food while the men tend to their goats,cattle and gardens.
Because they have no radio or phone signal they had no idea what was coming towards them, most of them knew nothing of the hurricane coming.
If they had know they would have moved there cattle, goats, chickens etc to lower ground, usually the nearest valley.

But on the evening the hurricane hit they went to bed as usual only to wake up to 145 mph winds.
In my 9 years here I have never ever seen damage to the mountains like I have in the last couple of days.

The mountain people lost everything and I mean everything, their houses, churches,schools, cattle,goats,chickens and all their crops.

You can imagine those winds hitting nothing more than a tiny drive shed they call home.
I was partners with Pastor Leonce( Enocs Dad) on a goat farm and every goat was killed and the building that held the goats was destroyed, nothing left.

Now I have only seen a tear in Leonces eye once before and that was when our Lord released the demons from his son John Baptist, but now he has lost everything.
His school which is also the church that we help support lost most of it,s roof, we can repair that.
Their fruit trees are all laying on the ground, bean crops that were 1 month from harvest totally wiped out.

Hunger is going to be a huge problem in the next couple of weeks,with the crops gone there will be a shortage of food.
Not to mention they have lost all the income they would have received from selling their crops.

Yesterday I had 2 mountain guys come to my door, they live 7 hours up from my house, their story was the same they lost everything.

Today another friend of mine who lives 9 hours away called me and asked for help, same deal everything gone including 27 homes in his little village.

So now Brothers I will do what I can for these souls and Pray to our almighty God for a miracle to take place in their hearts.

What I love about helping these people is I always get to tell them “It isn,t Tony Jones helping you but God in Tony Jones that is helping you.

So for now I will be trying to get some food up to these guys, they told me most of the roads have been washed away.
I sent a Haitian friend up there at 3 am this morning to check out the damage in the farther areas and to see how far up we can take the Gator.

I have a small amount of food left over from the container sent to me by Carl Nabein of Kids Against Hunger.
I will distribute that out while Carl tries to find us another container of food.

Please keep these precious people in your Prayers.

In all of this let GOD get the glory
Lord Bless

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