Nudgings [June 2013]


 Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to

keep praying, keep trusting & keep going


NUDGINGS – June 2013


Even before DNS Relief Fellowship was registered as a charitable organization in Ottawa, and before the first NUDGINGS newsletter was published, many of you were interested in assisting us in our attempts to share the Gospel message with the many millions who had never heard the name of Jesus. God has been pleased to bless your support “from the first day until now” (Phil. 1:5)

Without your help and the selfless work of others, DNS would not have been able to share in the work of shipping 20’, 40’ and 80’ containers of supplies from the MSC/ACCTS warehouse in Markham, Ontario. Souls have been saved. Needy natives, young and old, are being fed and clothed. Hundreds have received nursing care and hospitalization and are hearing sound Gospel messages from the Word of God. Do you know of anything more important than that? I don’t. JHA


Zambia from Gordon Hanna

After much prayer and funds received from many sources, including DNS, a plane was purchased to replace the one lost last summer. Don Amborski and Gordon Hanna flew the plane from Nairobi, Kenya and landed at Chitokoloki, Zambia on March 21st. It was a long but enjoyable 7 1/2 hour flight without any problems.

Since the arrival of the plane, it has flown over 60 hours and has been a real blessing in so many ways, including reducing immensely the cost for those coming and going from Lusaka.

The hospital continues to be a very busy place with some major surgical first time cases having been done recently, including a couple of heart procedures. We had four doctors here and of course that just brings extra patients. We are thankful that we are able to help some who have nowhere else to turn. The fellow that came last year that was operated on for the tumour growths on his face, flew home yesterday. What a change in his appearance!


It seems that the next few months will continue to be busy with visitors and special surgical weeks of both orthopaedics and plastic surgery lined up.


DNS has continued to support well drilling in Zambia. This year new village wells were drilled including one near the Chitokoloki water tower which will provide safe drinking water for the mission houses. DNS has purchased water lines, fittings and supplies to help with this need. A new well was also drilled to provide water to the garden that produces many of the vegetables for the hospital, as well as the first artesian well in Dipalata.


In March, Ken Wagler and Don McKay spent time in Zambia. One of the most thrilling parts of the trip was the addition to the team of a new projector, screen, and generator, which has allowed them to show Gospel films. DNS purchased this equipment and sent all of it in the November container, except the generator, which was sent in the January container. The generator arrived mid-March so they only had one night to show a film. It was a tremendous success with about 200 people sitting under the stars for 2½ hours watching the film in the Lunda language. It was truly moving to hear the response of the people as the story progressed, with some in tears at the crucifixion scene. They immediately had requests to show it at other villages where they had previously drilled wells.


DNS is looking into the benefits of purchasing a Woodmizer in order to have a sawmill at Chitokoloki to make use of the large number of trees that have been cut in the nearby forest. Currently, it takes two men about five days to cut one log into usable planks.

A Woodmizer would do it in less than 15 minutes. There is a pressing need for good lumber for use in the woodworking shop – building materials for ongoing expansion and for preparing coffins. This would also provide another opportunity to spread the Gospel.



Cuba from Al Adams


DNS sent funds to Cuba for the purpose of refurbishing buildings and also repairing a mini-bus. There were also funds sent to the Camp in Pinar where there are camps planned for most of the summer. The Lord is blessing and Pinar Del Rio is having baptisms and so is La Salud in the month of June.

Honduras from Al Adams

The new project that DNS is involved in is the refurbishing of a Nursing Home for older believers in Tela, Honduras. This home was established by early missionaries to Honduras. The home has been maintained by two sisters, who live on a minimal salary, and native believers who have just barely kept the doors open. All the cooking is done in two pots on a two burner stove and the building is in disrepair.


DNS Relief Fellowship was established to help ease the poverty in Third World countries. The name was chosen from Rom.12:13 – Distributing to the Necessity of Saints. DNS is governed by a Board of Directors (see www.dnsrelief.org) and is registered as Charitable Organization No.8881-23573-R0001.

Correspondence and gifts for DNS to be sent to DNS Relief Fellowship

DNS Relief Fellowship for Canada – 4721 Hwy. 7 East, P.O. Box 64611, Markham, ON ,L3R 1MO

Even though my age will change from 90 to 91 this month, my address is still John Adams, 301-34 Swansea Rd. Unionville, ON, Canada, L3R 0W3 Tel. 905-948-9972. Email: adamsdns@rogers.com or john@dnsrelief.org.

DNS Relief Fellowship for USA – Philip Kazen, 4611 – 109th Pl. NE, Marysville, WA, 98271-8355