Nudgings [December 2012]


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to

keep praying, keep trusting & keep going


NUDGINGS – December 2012

A Personal Note From John Adams

After being out of commission for such a long spell, it is good to be able to communicate again with faithful friends who for 20 years have been receiving the NUDGINGS newsletter. It was sent out regularly because so many expressed a desire to be kept informed of the work of DNS Relief Fellowship (Rom. 12:13) and wished to contribute to it. All went well until shortly after my 90th birthday this year when I slipped and fell on a wet floor. For the next eight weeks I was in the Markham Stouffville Hospital and when released, was fitted with a steel body brace and a warning that I had to wear it for three months. Believe me, that was 12 weeks of physical agony. However, that is all past and today I am just as much involved in DNS as I have been from the beginning. Please note that I no longer will be responding to letters and mailing out receipts. Sharon Stainton has kindly agreed to do that from our new address (below). Phil and Sharon Kazen are doing the same from Marysville, Washington for our U.S. donors.

News From The Field:

While the need in Haiti is in our hearts, it has been very difficult to ensure that the funds we send for aid actually get to the people we are trying to help. In the Lord’s will, we are planning a building project for 2013. Progress has been slow, but we are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness in providing two believers who will be in the country to oversee the work.

In the meantime, Cuba is opening up but the cost of doing any work is still the same as if it were in Canadian or US dollars. The government makes money on everything, but we have been able to help rebuild several buildings and refurbish others.

The following pictures were taken at a Bible camp in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, where there were 54 children along with 24 adults. There is a lot of encouragement in the outreach with the youth.

Honduras is also an area where what the brethren do is most impressive. They are in the process right now of establishing a new assembly no more than 1/4 mile from one that has over 300 in fellowship, and yet they already have more than 70 people coming to Gospel meetings in the next neighborhood. They have baptized several and think, in the Lord’s will, that the assembly will be up and running in the next quarter of the new year.

DNS has also been able to support work being done in Zambia at Chitokoloki and surrounding areas. Wells have been drilled and/or repaired over the past year at the hospital, leper colony, school and in several nearby villages. Each time a well is drilled, it draws a crowd from the village and the Gospel is preached to everyone watching. In the new year another well drilling team plans to drill wells in Dipalata and Chavuma.

DNS is prayerfully asking the Lord to guide in the purchase of a replacement airplane and to provide a pilot for the medical and missionary work in Chitokoloki, Zambia.

DNS Relief Fellowship was established to help ease the poverty in Third World countries. The name was chosen from Rom.12:13 – Distributing to the Necessity of Saints. DNS is governed by a Board of Directors (see www.dnsrelief.org) and is registered as Charitable Organization No.8881-23573-R0001.

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