Nudgings [December 2011]


Because you care …….

Two O.T. Bible characters intrigue me. One, David, “died a good old age”. He was 70! The other went to Heaven in a whirlwind but he left behind his mantle which Elisha picked up and used.

Even though next birthday I will be 20 years older than David I have no intention of following David or Elijah just yet. I’m not expecting horses and a chariot of fire but I’ve been noticing the calendar lately and I feel it is time I was setting aside my mantle like Elijah did. I was looking to the Lord to provide an Elisha who would pick up my mantle but He did better. It has been picked up by the other members of the Board of Directors of DNS Relief Fellowship. That is even better than a single Elisha.

Although not as active as I have been for the past 15 years, I intend to continue my interest in the needy in Haiti, Zambia, Honduras, Cuba and other missionary areas that we have been seeking to aid. My desire is to keep in touch with all the friends who have supported DNS in the past.

Travelling to needy countries will no longer be on my list of activities but sharing news of Christian love through the Nudgings newsletter will not change until the Lord calls me.

Ken Wagler sends this update. “In July of this year another ERB Transport trailer was sent to Chitokiloki, Zambia with enough well drilling supplies for another 10 wells as well as 2 more complete solar pumps for a new well to be drilled at the leper colony and the hospital. As well, another large group of solar panels was sent to add to the already existing solar package installed at the hospital earlier in the year. This will allow for greater use of the ever increasing additional equipment being added to the hospital. A team to install this new solar equipment headed by Don Mckay will be leaving for Chitokoloki. in late January 2012. The well drilling team I will lead will also be going in mid February. We plan to drill in a number of villages and possibly at the Dipalata mission station hospital. Your prayers for success and safety in this part of the Lord’s work will be greatly appreciated.”

Al Adams of Tampa, Florida shares these thoughts. “One of the key brethren will be coming out of Cuba on the 15th of December. His son lives in Miami and after many tries the Cuban government is letting both he and his wife come out together. He is a man of great faith and has suffered for his perseverance but the Lord has also blessed him for his faithfulness. He is a man of impeccable character so DNS will share in the being able to send funds back to Cuba through him for the aid that is so necessary for older believers.

An older person [retired] and who does not have family on the outside receives a pension of $11.00 per month. One sister has just lost her husband and she has cancer. Her two sons have serious mental limitations so the total income of the home is $11.00 per month. The brethren in Cuba carefully disburse funds to people like her in a limited way so that they are looked after.

In the western part of the island the assembly building has been in disrepair. Funds that were sent down in 2011 have been used to make the building presentable again. The bathrooms have been refurbished, the baptistery and roof have also been repaired. There is still more work to be done but with limited availability of materials they are thankful for what has been accomplished.

My thanks to all who have been so faithful.


On behalf of the DNS board of directors

John H. Adams

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