Nudgings [August 2009]


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

August 2009


Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to
keep praying, keep trusting, & keep going


A statement in a book I was reading recently caught my eye & my attention. It was a comment on Gen.12:1. It said, “Abraham did not know for sure where he was going but he knew for sure with whom he was going.” How true! You will recall that Moses expressed the same confidence in the Lord when he said, “Is it not that thou goeth with us.” The felt presence of the Lord made all the difference.

We didn’t know for sure where we were going when we teamed up with a group from Florida and built the medical clinic in Haiti. We had no idea that a Gospel outreach from that clinic and the multi-purpose building beside it would result in a host of Haitians being saved and two assemblies being established. We did, however, have the confidence that HE was going with us. After all, it is HIS work, not ours. We don’t see a soon recovery of the economic situation in Haiti, but we do see the hand of the Lord working through the converts there and it is all with the purpose of bringing glory to His own name. Do you know of anything more important? I don’t.

Zambia, and particularly the tiring (maybe exhausting) labors of the missionaries in the different hospitals there, has been our focus lately. The four-wheel well driller that was sent from Ontario has been a great blessing and recently a brother who is in charge of that project purchased a used farm tractor to haul the unit from site to site. At this writing it is on the high seas on its way to the hospital in Chitokoloki.

A host of stories have come from Chitokoloki recently telling of native Zambians being transported by old, rickety, antiquated ambulances for five hours over indescribable bush trails. One mother was driven from another mission hospital and passed away at the entrance of the Chit hospital as she was being lifted from the ambulance. This was very upsetting to the nurses who were confident they could have saved her had she arrived sooner. That five hour ride could have been made in 25 minutes had a plane been available. A life would have been saved.

Two friends of DNS recently spent a month in Zambia evaluating the need there. They are now speaking out boldly, “We simply must find an airplane and pilot for the Chitokoloki hospital.”

As our readers know, NUDGINGS has never been sent out as a plea for funds but as a prayer request. This issue is asking for definite prayer that the Lord would supply a very-much-needed small plane and a pilot for the use of Chitokoloki and other mission hospitals. I still believe that it is the effectual, fervent prayer of righteous ones that avails much (Jas.5:16).

And our interest in Cuba has not waned. A trio of brethren from Ontario and Florida will be spending a week in Cuba next month. They are not only taking aid to the Christians there but will be assessing the need in view of further funds being made available. Another item for your prayer list.

John H. Adams