Haiti Update October 9, 2016

October 9, 2016

Hi Everyone

Well yesterday we went up to one of the mountain areas where we will be delivering food.

Usually with the Gator I am able to get up far enough that will shave off anywhere from 2 to 6 hours off a trip made by the mountain people to come and get food.

For instance I have some guys coming later this week to get food, it will take them 10 hours to come to town.

Before the hurricane hit I could load the Gator up with food and go meet them in the mountains, I would shave 5 hours off their trip.

As you see from the picture took yesterday the roads are no longer there, in front of the Gator was a 3 ft deep ditch.

Now what do you do when you get a flat in the mountains and you don,t have a jack?

Easy just get some hard working Haitians to lift up the Gator so you can take the tire off.

You then call a motorcycle to come up and take the tire into town to get it fixed and then have the driver bring it back

Now what if while you are up there a storm comes and the trails become too muddy for a motorcycle to come all the way back up, easy just meet the motorcycle on the trail and carry the wheel and tire on your shoulder the rest of the way.

Emmanuel who you see in the picture and my friend Franz carried that tire for 2 hours on their shoulders.

When I tell you the Haitians are hard workers I mean it.

Please keep Haiti in your Prayers Brothers and Sisters

Lord Bless