Haiti Update 10

Haiti Report No. 10  11-10-2016

Mornin’ Brother

Al I have been so busy with the mountain people I have gotten lazy with my emails, not getting any younger Ha! No kiddin’ I went to bed at 7:30 last night Ha!

Yeah we have been in the mountains just about every day for the last 3 weeks. We are taking up food, Cholera medicine, water treatment additives and tarps then bringing anyone that is sick down to the hospital.

It is endless Brother, the people have lost everything. Starting next week I will begin to purchase animals, seeds for planting, coffee trees,roof sheeting, building supplies, clothes and other things the mountain people need.

Last Sunday in one of the areas I work in we were able to hold our first church service since the hurricane. As you can see the building needs a little work Ha! I,m also buying bibles and songbooks that were lost during the storm

I myself am buying a horse just so some of the Haitians working with me can get around easier up there. Of course I will name him Trigger Ha!

Keep us in your Prayers Brother,