Haiti Report #14

I have been a little slow lately. My computer crashed and I was without it for a week while the mechanic fixed it. Seems to be working okay, for now!!

Not sure if I told report-14_img_1you but since we held our outreach the later part of last year we have planted 1 new church and 2 kids clubs with another Church on the way.

The Lord is really Blessing HIS work through us as we are having people come to Christ literally every Sunday. This past Sunday I was preaching and was really humbled by how much they were paying attention.

One thing about living here full time is that you really get to knowreport-14_img_6 the people there fore you learn ways to properly disciple them. For instance with the mountain people Al, they are all basically farmers with gardens and animals. I was telling them that once you are saved you cannot go back to the way you use to live. You cannot say you are a Christian yet continue to live as you had. To describe this in a manner that they could all understand I told them they cannot be like baby pigs that have just been washed and then return to the mud report-14_img_4to get dirty again.

Al it was like a light went on in their head, you should have seen the reaction!!


Another time I was preaching at another church plant we have and I was talking report-14_img_5about bearing the mark of Christ, it went right over their head till I described it like this. You know Al when farmers brand their cattle for identification, well the mountain people do the same thing. So when I described to them about bearing the mark of Christ that way they got it. HE knows HIS sheep!!!!

Anyway Brother it has been a Blessing to see how GOD is moving amongst the mountain people.
Today we are delivering our last batch of coffee plants to some of the families I have been working with.

Construction on the radio station should start again next week, the road is almost finished.

Al please Thank everyone for their Prayers and support.

Lord Bless

Tony Jones

PS: Last Sunday we were able to hand out some food to the entire congregation