2019 July 17 Haiti

Hi Everyone, I will title this email: “ONLY IN HAITI”  HA!

Guys this is another email that  while I’m typing I am shaking my head ha! There is no doubt in my mind that when our Lord calls me off the mission field I am going to write a book Ha!

So as some of you know here in Grand Goave we have been getting electricity 14 hours per week for the past year, that’s right 14 hours per week.  Lately it has been down to 11 hours per week, let me explain.

The government is very upset with Grand Goave because 70% of the homes do not pay their electric bill. Most homes illegally  tap into other homes that actually pay their bills, us being one of the paying customers.  They run wires from their homes and splice them into the paying customers lines, they unhook them during the day and attach them at night.

So the main government threatened our local mayor here in Grand Gove saying that if he didn’t get these problems looked after they would remove all electricity from our town. Electricity is supplied to Grand Goave via a large Caterpillar diesel generator situated at a generator station located between here and the next town west of us.

Each generator produces power to a local area, if your town doesn’t pay its electricity bill to the government (Haiti Electric) then they are slow to turn run your generator.  So today our Mayor got a tip from a government snitch in Port au Prince Ha!
The mayor was told that because this situation hadn’t been dealt with the government was sending a truck to come get the Grand Goave generator and bring it back to Port au Prince.  The informant gave him  an exact description of the truck that would be coming to get the generator so the mayor got in touch with our towns main gagster, he is a close friend of the mayors Ha!

Now there is only one highway to the generator station and it goes right through our town.  So the gangster rounded up his posse and they all headed for the main highway.  They waited some time and sure enough the informant was right, here comes the truck that fits the description.

So the mob just sits on the side of the road and lets the truck pass, 1 hour later here it comes with the Generator loaded behind it.  Upon seeing the truck the mob instantly takes to the streets blocking its path, the driver knew the gig was up but he wasn’t giving up that easily Ha!

He slowed the truck down a bit then floored it Ha!, unfortunately for the driver he slowed the truck down too much and his turbo didn’t kick in (Ha! Ha!) thus allowing the gang guys to jump onto the truck.

With guns pointed at the driver and his 2 passengers he reluctantly pulled over.  The gang guys told him to drive to city hall where the mayor was waiting, as they were pointing their guns at him they gave him directions.

Now city hall is 150 feet from our house and I see at least 100 people running by the front of our house. The mayor was waiting and he directed the driver to our local police station where the chief of police would meet him. (I use the term Chief of Police very loosely).  Upon arrival the police chief makes the driver unhook the generator right in front of the police station, then tells him to get outa Dodge before the crowd turns on him. The driver then takes off into the sunset Ha! Ha!

God help this country