2016 Haiti Report #8


Hello everyone

My internet has just come back up, has been down for a day.
We continue to take food and Cholera medicine to the mountain people but the situation is getting worse everyday.  The mountain people are starting to become very aggressive, mostly due to their hunger.
Yesterday we took some food up to an area where the mountain people had to travel 6 hours to meet us. This trip use to take them 11 hours one way but because we have been Blessed with the Gator we are able to go up and meet them instead of them having to come all the way to town.

We started to load the food onto the donkeys and when the locals saw this they started to to yell and approached us. Thank God I knew them and told them I would be back to give them some. This calmed them down and we were able to finish loading and send the guys on their way.

The guys that came to get the food had 2 extra men with them, both had very sharp Machetes. I asked my friend Jenal the leader of the group “what is with the guys and the Machetes? He said Tony these people know you but we will be going through areas where they don’t, we may need to use them. They were more or less security. On our way down we were constantly being asked for food and help by just about everyone we saw.

While coming down we saw a man laying on the side of the trail with 2 woman trying to lift him up. The women told us they had been walking with the man for 2 hours because he was very sick. They were trying to get him to the hospital here in town but he collapsed. We were able to get him loaded into the Gator and traveled down the mountain to the hospital here in town.

He seemed to have early stages of Cholera. Today it is raining again which will only make things worse. Tomorrow we have 2 trips planned to deliver food and medicines again. Please keep us in your Prayers as we do what we can for these souls in Haiti.

I must never forget the GOD is in control.

Lord Bless