2016 Haiti #7 10-12


Report 7

October 11, 2016 Evening

Good evening Brothers and Sisters

Well today I was able to round up some Cholera medicine, Electro Lite ( The powder you mix with water for dehydration) and some tarps to take up to the mountain people.

The tarps were given to me by Samaritans Purse and the Cholera medicine was donated from LifeLine Christian mission here in Grand Goave.

It is so good when the body of Christ works together.

I sent my other Gator driver Franz up to deliver everything, the picture of the guy with the donkey came from the area where the 3 people died.

His name is Brutus and he walked 3 hours to meet Franz, his school and church were totally destroyed by the hurricane.

The other man holding the tarps and medicine is Ishmy, he is located where we are building the Radio Station.

The other pictures are temporary structures the people have made to sleep in.

Now the following words below are for my friends on facebook who have been trying to contact me, they are not necessarily on my email mailing list.

I am getting so many of you asking how you can help and I am deeply humbled by this.

The mountain people have lost everything so it would be great if we could replace some of what they lost.

For instance a lot of them lost their livestock, it would be a Blessing to purchase some animals for them.

They also lost their gardens so if we could help to buy some seeds so they can replant.

As some of you know I have been buying coffee from a lot of the families that were affected by this hurricane.

Coffee is there cash crop, they make more income from coffee than any other thing they grow.

I am currently purchasing coffee from about 400 families, from what I have seen I would estimate that 60% of the coffee plants in these areas were destroyed.

Coffee is their bank account so to purchase new trees for them would sure be a great way to help.

If you are interested to help I have put together some costs for purchasing these things.

Prices are in USD currency

Cow-    $300.00

Pig-       $60.00

Goat-     $50.00

Horse-    $270.00

Donkey- $150.00

Chicken-    $5.00

Coffee plant- $1.00

For my American Brothers and Sisters you can donate through CMML (Christian Missions in many Lands)

Their website is www.cmml.us  When you go onto their site you will see in the top right corner “How to give” Just click there and follow the instructions. When mailing you need to include a separate piece of paper saying who the donation is for. In my case you would write Tony Jones Haiti.


For my Canadian Brothers and Sisters you contact MSC Canada  (Missionary Services Committee)   www.msccanada.org.

On their homepage click “Workers” then “workers abroad”

Scroll down till you see Tony and Edna Jones

Click on my name and follow instructions.


Thank you so much Brothers and Sisters and please keep Haiti in your Prayers

Not to mention the Jones family also


Lord Bless


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