Haiti Report [2012]



Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


The following is a report from Al Adams of Tampa Bay, FL January 26, 2012

There are two items that involve many hours of time and commitment as it relates to this country.

The first had to do with a team of men from the UK who wanted to visit Haiti. We were able to coordinate a meeting for them with different folk that are working in Haiti. I was pleased that we were able to pull it off as coordinating for folk that you have never met and don’t know can be difficult. I am sure it wasn’t all they expected but it was the best we could do remotely. The fellow who travels to Haiti from the capital in the Dominican Republic [up to three times a week] was able to meet them. [Joshua.]

The second item I have great hope for as it relates to the future. It didn’t even take place in Haiti. A brother from N. Miami Beach [Richard Heron] has been making trips to Haiti almost as long as I have. He has a strong connection to Port au Prince. He has known a brother [Harris] for many years who was commended from Jamaica to Haiti by two different fellowships in Kingston decades ago. Brother Heron called me when he heard of some of the works that were being done by the Dominican brethren after the earthquake. He is a delightful brother who has good insight and a head full of discernment.

A younger man called Fritz Junior Shirley who was mentored by the brother [Harris] who went to Haiti from Jamaica and also brother Heron, recently was brought to Florida by his family. Junior [as he likes to be called/I like Fritz better] is in his late 30’s and from Port au Prince. We were able to meet with him for over 2 hours in Ft. Myers, FL. Junior was very careful about accepting us. I liked that! He struck me as a young man who is all about his work for the Lord and not about having his hand out looking for money. He wanted to see our “Statement of Faith”. He simply wasn’t going to just accept us blindly. This was so refreshing to me. With over 10,000 NGO’s [Organizations] in Haiti doing humanitarian work there are plenty of Haitians who have learned who to play for personal gain.

Junior teaches/administers a Bible school about 3 hours out of Port au Prince. He was most interested when I told him that we could perhaps get him some French Bible commentaries from Canada. He has now written me several times and reminded me that it would be great if I could get some books there for a February graduation. He told me the students would love to have a book to take with them. These now are on their way and we hope that Joshua from the Dominican Republic will be able to get them to him.

Our great hope for Junior is that we will finally get a series of assemblies established in the Port au Prince area with the help of both Haitian and Dominican brethren. Junior made it a point to tell us that it has taken him over five years to get the folk in his fellowship to not call him “pastor”. He said I have told them: “I am no different than you just call me brother.” In a society where “tribal mentality” is viewed as almost sacred one has to admire his tenacity and success in this area.

The Dominican brethren are very excited about this new contact and want to help him become more financially independent. Junior lives very humbly but didn’t once ask us for a cent nor has he asked the Dominican brethren. The Dominican Republic is a literal supply house [secularly] for Haiti in many different areas. It is their intention to set Junior up with a supply of auto parts so that he can sell them in Port au Prince and become a “tent-maker” in the biblical sense an improve not his own situation but those of others there.

There are other areas in Haiti where we have been able through the Dominican and Haitian brethren to help. Wells have been dug, church buildings restored and believer’s homes either built or re-built.

With friends in the U.S. DNS built and is now helping to maintain a medical clinic in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Recently a new roof was added to a multipurpose building which will be used for the local assembly and for the school. A welder was imported for the structural work. A cement floor is planned along with suitable shutters for the windows.

There are five different addresses where one can send financial help if they so wish.

CMML – PO Box 13 , Spring Lake , NJ 07762-0013

DNS Relief for USA – 4611 109th Place NE Marysville , WA 98271-8355
DNS Relief for Canada – 301 – 34 Swansea Road Unionville , ON L3R 0W3
MSC Canada – 101 Amber Street, Unit 16, Markham , Ontario , Canada , L3R 3B2
56th Street Gospel Chapel Inc., 3902 Corporex Park Drive, Suite 650, Tampa, FL 33619