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Nudgings [December 2012]


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to

keep praying, keep trusting & keep going


NUDGINGS – December 2012

A Personal Note From John Adams

After being out of commission for such a long spell, it is good to be able to communicate again with faithful friends who for 20 years have been receiving the NUDGINGS newsletter. It was sent out regularly because so many expressed a desire to be kept informed of the work of DNS Relief Fellowship (Rom. 12:13) and wished to contribute to it. All went well until shortly after my 90th birthday this year when I slipped and fell on a wet floor. For the next eight weeks I was in the Markham Stouffville Hospital and when released, was fitted with a steel body brace and a warning that I had to wear it for three months. Believe me, that was 12 weeks of physical agony. However, that is all past and today I am just as much involved in DNS as I have been from the beginning. Please note that I no longer will be responding to letters and mailing out receipts. Sharon Stainton has kindly agreed to do that from our new address (below). Phil and Sharon Kazen are doing the same from Marysville, Washington for our U.S. donors.

News From The Field:

While the need in Haiti is in our hearts, it has been very difficult to ensure that the funds we send for aid actually get to the people we are trying to help. In the Lord’s will, we are planning a building project for 2013. Progress has been slow, but we are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness in providing two believers who will be in the country to oversee the work.

In the meantime, Cuba is opening up but the cost of doing any work is still the same as if it were in Canadian or US dollars. The government makes money on everything, but we have been able to help rebuild several buildings and refurbish others.

The following pictures were taken at a Bible camp in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, where there were 54 children along with 24 adults. There is a lot of encouragement in the outreach with the youth.

Honduras is also an area where what the brethren do is most impressive. They are in the process right now of establishing a new assembly no more than 1/4 mile from one that has over 300 in fellowship, and yet they already have more than 70 people coming to Gospel meetings in the next neighborhood. They have baptized several and think, in the Lord’s will, that the assembly will be up and running in the next quarter of the new year.

DNS has also been able to support work being done in Zambia at Chitokoloki and surrounding areas. Wells have been drilled and/or repaired over the past year at the hospital, leper colony, school and in several nearby villages. Each time a well is drilled, it draws a crowd from the village and the Gospel is preached to everyone watching. In the new year another well drilling team plans to drill wells in Dipalata and Chavuma.

DNS is prayerfully asking the Lord to guide in the purchase of a replacement airplane and to provide a pilot for the medical and missionary work in Chitokoloki, Zambia.

DNS Relief Fellowship was established to help ease the poverty in Third World countries. The name was chosen from Rom.12:13 – Distributing to the Necessity of Saints. DNS is governed by a Board of Directors (see www.dnsrelief.org) and is registered as Charitable Organization No.8881-23573-R0001.

Correspondence and gifts for DNS to be sent to DNS Relief Fellowship

DNS Relief Fellowship for Canada – 4721 Hwy. 7 East, P.O. Box 64611, Markham, ON ,L3R 1MO

John Adams’ personal correspondence – 301-34 Swansea Rd. Unionville, ON, Canada, L3R 0W3

Tel. 905-948-9972. Email: adamsdns@rogers.com or john@dnsrelief.org.

DNS Relief Fellowship for USA – Philip Kazen, 4611 – 109th Pl. NE, Marysville, WA, 98271-8355

Nudgings [July 2012]


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to

keep praying, keep trusting & keep going


NUDGINGS – July 2012

Since our last letter the nudgings from many of you and a few mentioned below have resulted in more clean water, electricity and lights, urgent and necessary medical care, and gospel outreach for so many who need it so much. Those are the kinds of things we rejoice in sharing with you.


Haitian Believers – Funds have been sent to the Dominican Brethren [48 assemblies in the Santo Domingo area/9 are Haitian] so that a beautiful property that the Haitian brethren have already been using can be purchased for a new meeting place. This place has been used by the fellowship for a couple of years as a place where: they teach new mothers hygiene as to their babies, pregnant women’s clinic, daycare consisting of Bible choruses, stories and feeding of malnourished young children. The new location will enable the fellowship to grow both numerically and yet increase again it’s influence in the community as a whole.


Ken Wagler was busy with new wells and sends this update – In February 2012 I took another well drilling team back to Chitokoloki. The first couple of days were spent getting the rig serviced and ready for drilling with the spare parts we brought along. It was decided to spend the next few days doing maintenance and repairs to several wells that were not working. We also installed the new solar pump at the hospital and plumbed it into the hospital water system and eliminated the need for the old river water system, which was left for a back-up in case of emergency. We also installed check valves in the other two solar wells drilled last year to prevent a recurrence of the sand damage. We also worked on repairs to five other village wells that needed repair. We then drilled two new wells. The casing and screens and filter sand which are now being shipped via the ACCTS containers from Canada have made a huge difference in the success rate of the whole drilling procedure.


Don McKay shares this update on the solar power installation – The solar panels sent down in the last ACCTS container arrived, and in February 2012 we went to work installing them on various missionary residences in Chitokoloki, rewiring the houses for solar power, as well as installing solar heated water systems.

The hospital solar panel bank was relocated from the roof to a ground mount column location just east of the kitchen to eliminate some of the cleaning necessary as soot from the kitchen fire was causing some trouble. Twenty-one new solar panels were added to the hospital as well. We are looking for 33 more solar panels at the hospital to complete the requirements there and service the new equipment better. As our Lord provides, I will return to install this additional equipment. The “street lights” DNS sent down in the last container have been installed to help make night travel on the station safer.

Future Plans for Zambia – There is a possibility of another drill-rig being purchased for the Kalene-Sakeji area. This would allow for more water ministering to thirsty souls. As the Lord provides we hope to obtain pumps, casing and spare parts (for future repairs and maintenance.)

Gordon Hanna the director of the Chitokoloki Mission Hospital writes – We are also so blessed with all the power improvements in the solar installations that are working just great. It has revolutionized the hospital as far as upgrading. Last week they did another complete hip replacement that would not have been possible without the necessary power, and we are very grateful for the help of DNS and those who have made it possible. We keep reminding staff and ourselves that the hospital brings people from far and wide for medical help but while they are there it is the opportunity that God has given them to hear the gospel.


June 2nd – “It is with profound sadness, shock still, a tremendous sense of loss and with very heavy hearts that we are letting you know that we have lost two of our dear missionary colleagues this afternoon. Lost to us and their families but with the Lord. Jay and Katrina Erickson went to be with the Lord this afternoon at about 4:30 PM after the plane that Jay was flying crashed into the Zambezi River right at Zambezi town which is approximately half way between Chitokoloki and Chavuma.” They leave two little girls Marina aged 3 and Coral age 1.

The funeral service was delayed by 45 minutes to await for a large delegation of Government officials who were travelling. By 11:00 AM the church building was filled, more outside than inside, not sure of an accurate count but in the thousands. Many of our co-worker missionary colleagues from around the country came to support and we appreciated that. It was not easy to realize and come to grips with the reality that two of our dear friends who just Saturday were so full of energy, enthusiasm and an intricate part of the team here at Chitokoloki, now while we still had their bodies in coffins before us but they were no longer here. We thank God that we know with full certainty that they are with the Lord and while we grieved, they were rejoicing in the Father’s Home and experiencing before us what we too shall some day, see our blessed Saviour.

The Erickson family had been at Chitokoloki for a couple of months. Jay was a pilot and they came from State of Washington and had committed for at least one year. He was kept quite busy with a lot of flights including a few drastic emergency ones.

On one occasion Jay went to Dipalata and collected a man who had been bitten by a snake. He arrived back at Chit just as the man stopped breathing, and we were able to resuscitate him and give him anti-venom and he lived….minutes counted. I also went with Jay to Chavuma to collect a man who had been stabbed and again, amazingly, just as we got him to Chit he was about gone but he was taken right to surgery and he also survived. These are just a few examples of how much the plane has meant to people who otherwise would be in eternity now.

The plane reduced travel time to Lusaka to a few hours instead of a very long day trip by road. In travelling across large expanses of land in Zambia the plane has been a great blessing. We had to fly over Congo to get to another mission station and if we had driven it would have been a 4 or 5 day trip but we were able to do it in 2 days with the plane.

The plane is no longer in use as a result of the tragic accident and the future of the Lord’s work and air travel in Zambia is always in the Lord’s hands. The girls are with family in the USA.

Psalm 139:9,10 If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me and Your right hand shall hold me.

A nudge has been given and the board of DNS asks you to pray for the Erickson children and their family, as well as the workers in Chitokoloki.

John Adams is still very much involved in DNS Relief Fellowship. However, please send all correspondence and gifts for DNS to the following new address:

DNS Relief Fellowship (or simply DNS)

4721 Hwy. 7 East

P.O. Box 64611,

Markham, ON, L3R 1MO

John Adams’ personal correspondence continues to go to 301-34 Swansea Rd. Unionville, ON L3R 0W3

For Nudgings by email instead of regular mail please send your email address to peteraceti@hotmail.com

Nudgings [December 2011]


Because you care …….

Two O.T. Bible characters intrigue me. One, David, “died a good old age”. He was 70! The other went to Heaven in a whirlwind but he left behind his mantle which Elisha picked up and used.

Even though next birthday I will be 20 years older than David I have no intention of following David or Elijah just yet. I’m not expecting horses and a chariot of fire but I’ve been noticing the calendar lately and I feel it is time I was setting aside my mantle like Elijah did. I was looking to the Lord to provide an Elisha who would pick up my mantle but He did better. It has been picked up by the other members of the Board of Directors of DNS Relief Fellowship. That is even better than a single Elisha.

Although not as active as I have been for the past 15 years, I intend to continue my interest in the needy in Haiti, Zambia, Honduras, Cuba and other missionary areas that we have been seeking to aid. My desire is to keep in touch with all the friends who have supported DNS in the past.

Travelling to needy countries will no longer be on my list of activities but sharing news of Christian love through the Nudgings newsletter will not change until the Lord calls me.

Ken Wagler sends this update. “In July of this year another ERB Transport trailer was sent to Chitokiloki, Zambia with enough well drilling supplies for another 10 wells as well as 2 more complete solar pumps for a new well to be drilled at the leper colony and the hospital. As well, another large group of solar panels was sent to add to the already existing solar package installed at the hospital earlier in the year. This will allow for greater use of the ever increasing additional equipment being added to the hospital. A team to install this new solar equipment headed by Don Mckay will be leaving for Chitokoloki. in late January 2012. The well drilling team I will lead will also be going in mid February. We plan to drill in a number of villages and possibly at the Dipalata mission station hospital. Your prayers for success and safety in this part of the Lord’s work will be greatly appreciated.”

Al Adams of Tampa, Florida shares these thoughts. “One of the key brethren will be coming out of Cuba on the 15th of December. His son lives in Miami and after many tries the Cuban government is letting both he and his wife come out together. He is a man of great faith and has suffered for his perseverance but the Lord has also blessed him for his faithfulness. He is a man of impeccable character so DNS will share in the being able to send funds back to Cuba through him for the aid that is so necessary for older believers.

An older person [retired] and who does not have family on the outside receives a pension of $11.00 per month. One sister has just lost her husband and she has cancer. Her two sons have serious mental limitations so the total income of the home is $11.00 per month. The brethren in Cuba carefully disburse funds to people like her in a limited way so that they are looked after.

In the western part of the island the assembly building has been in disrepair. Funds that were sent down in 2011 have been used to make the building presentable again. The bathrooms have been refurbished, the baptistery and roof have also been repaired. There is still more work to be done but with limited availability of materials they are thankful for what has been accomplished.

My thanks to all who have been so faithful.


On behalf of the DNS board of directors

John H. Adams

DNS contact information

Canada – 301-34 Swansea Rd. Unionville, ON, Canada, L3R 0W3. Tel. 905-948-9972.

USA – Philip Kazen, 4611 – 109th Pl. NE, Marysville, WA, 98271.

For Nudgings by email instead of regular mail please send your email address to peteraceti@hotmail.com


John H. Adams Basil C. Tambakis

Directors – Dr. Peter Aceti John Crawford David Grieve Ken Wagler

Nudgings [June 2011]

Nudgings June 2011
Because you asked …….


DNS Relief Fellowship was established to help ease the poverty in Third World countries. The name was chosen from Rom.12:13 – Distributing to the Necessity of Saints. DNS is governed by a Board of Directors

(see www.dnsrelief.org) and is registered as Charitable Organization No.8881-23573-RR0001. Revenue Canada has granted permission to DNS to issue Income Tax Receipts to donors.


The main office is 301-34 Swansea Rd. Unionville, ON, Canada, L3R 0W3. Tel. 905-948-9972.

Email: adamsdns@rogers.com or john@dnsrelief.org.

DNS has a USA affiliate which the I.R.S. recognizes. DNS, Philip Kazen,4611 – 109th Pl. NE, Marysville, WA, 98271.


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Because of HIV/AIDS, TB, cholera, malaria, typhoid fever, malnutrition, etc., 25% of the Haitians die before they reach 40. Very few live past 50 years of age. Due to the devastating earthquake 16 months ago one million people are still living under tarps and old, dirty bed sheets supported by four corner sticks cut from trees. That is the only “home” they will likely ever have. There is no underground sewage system in Haiti!!


Hoping to build some shattered lives, DNS has joined with believers in the Dominican Republic, and is sending relief across the border into Haiti. The Haitians clamor for Creole Bibles, bottled water, tarps, medicines, food, etc.


On Jan.12th, last year, the Lord spoke loudly to the Haitian people in the earthquake that claimed 300,000 lives. One result was that thousands turned from voodooism, the national religion of the country, and have accepted the Christ of their Creole Bibles. There are mini-revivals breaking out in towns and villages throughout the country. Satan is losing his grip and God is being glorified. P.T.L. The medical clinic is still a beacon in the northeast corner of Haiti. Two assemblies have been formed as a result of that Gospel outreach.


Another of our interests is Zambia in Central Africa. Like Jacob, Zambia has “the smell of a field that the Lord has blessed.” DNS has had the privilege of sharing in the work of drilling wells for the hospitals and schools in that needy country. Ken Wagler and a team of men from Ontario have made frequent trips to Zambia, working hard and long so that it will no longer be necessary to carry buckets from the crocodile-infested Zambezi River. Many, both children and adults, have been snatched away by crocodiles. Through the interests of a Christian manufacturer of solar products in Markham, Ontario, some of the wells are equipped with solar pumps. Thank God for the sun.


Although we assist in the work of sending containers of supplies to Zambia, one of the greatest needs today is for workers – nurses, teachers, etc. The plane flies doctors and emergency patients to the large hospital in Chitokoloki and other mission hospitals and has been the means of saving many lives; however, a resident pilot is needed – a pilot and an aircraft engine mechanic. There’s another item for your prayer list.


PRAY also for the struggling believers in the mountains of Honduras who are almost as poor as the Haitians but they have a warm, compassionate heart for their unsaved neighbors. Most have very little of this world’s goods and are living on $2 a day, yet they have a deep love for the Lord they read about in their Spanish Bibles. It’s a long and very hazardous mule ride up the mountain to carry Bibles, food and medical supplies to the remote mountain people in Honduras but they come under the mandate to “distribute to the necessity of saints”.

John H. Adams

NS Relief Fellowship
Romans 12:13
301 34 Swansea Rd., Unionville, ON L3R 0W3 Phil Kazen, 4611-109th PL. NE
Tel. 905-948-9972 john@dnsrelief.org Marysville, WA 98271 USA



Nudgings [May 2010]

Good News from Haiti May 2010


It certainly was not good news when, on January 12th, the message was sent around the world that a major earthquake had hit the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, leaving 300,000 dead, 400,000 injured, 4000 large schools destroyed and over two million homeless. And all in 35 seconds.
Thousands of homes and other buildings in the Port-au-Prince area were flattened. The government reported that it will be six months before all the concrete slabs,rubble and debris can be removed so the many hundreds of bodies that are entombed under the devastated buildings can be buried. With the rainy season approaching it is feared that there will be an increase of TB, typhoid, malaria, cholera and HIV/AIDS.


Six days after the earthquake, a nurse (Omairis), accompanied by other nurses from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, went to the Haitian capital and set up a tent triage right across from the badly damaged President’s Palace and inside the headquarters of the Secret Police. Weekly she will diagnose, oversee and care for 3500 injured and hungry Haitians.
Omairis will dispense 1200 food bags, 20,000 bottles of water, plus 1,000 tarps and 250 tents. All this work is a typical week but the actual statistics were for the first week of March. The sick are cared for by volunteer doctors and nurses from the Dominican Republic and the U.S.A.
When the busload of workers from assemblies in Santo Domingo arrived, along with a truck carrying rice, beans, sardines, baloney, pasta, tarps and tents, Omairis could hardly contain her joy. Once again the Lord had answered her prayer, for the previous night she had prayed, Lord, we have only one doctor, could more please come. In the bus were Bibles, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and Christian workers ready to do anything necessary to aid the hungry, suffering and homeless Haitians who were crying out for help.
The good news from Haiti is that Christian workers are reporting that mini-revivals are breaking out all through the country. There’s a recognition of the Lord they had never seen before. Haitians are saying, “We don’t care how much the earth shakes, our trust is now in God.” Also, the Secret Police building beside the triage is abandoned for fear of it collapsing (they too are living in tents) but the Chief of Police has given permission for the nurses to stay for at least one year. This is in recognition and appreciation of the aid that is being given when many relief organizations left for Chile because of the earthquake there. This will give safety and police protection for Omaris and her crew, as well as to the doctors and others who will continue to take in food and medicines from the Dominican Republic.
Al Adams from Tampa who went to Port au Prince along with the other workers, reported that thousands of homeless Haitians are squatting under old bed sheets or tarps, supported only by corner poles. Their shacks were flattened by the earthquake and because of the rampant disease and poverty of the country many will never have any other home. Although the medical clinic and the multi-purpose building at Ouanaminthe in the northeast corner of the country, and across the river from the Dominican Republic did not suffer any earthquake damage, the daily medical work at the clinic has been temporarily suspended.
Because of the present anarchy and gang violence, we have been unable to persuade doctors to stay more than just a few weeks. However, teams of nurses and other workers from the Dominican Republic are visiting the clinic as they are able (a five hour bus ride) and are giving aid to the serious cases.
Earlier, Dr. Peter Aceti of Sault Ste. Marie and Al Adams (Tampa) took supplies to the medical clinic. They reported that there are over 80 in the assembly there. A larger group meets in an old, abandoned theatre in the city. Believers who were saved as a result of the clinic outreach preach the Gospel and teach the Word of God to fellow Haitians so there have been many baptisms. The Christian school beside the clinic is growing.
Work in Zambia
DNS Relief Fellowship has also been working in Zambia. Ken Wagler and Tom Browning from Ontario have made two trips to Chitokoloki. On their last visit, with the aid of Robert Clark of Sault Ste. Marie and some Zambian labourers, they drilled four successful water wells: one close to the hospitals, one beside the high school, one at the former leper colony and another close to one of the mission houses. Prior to their visit, DNS and MSC had shipped to Chitokoloki the well-driller along with a farm tractor to haul it from site to site.
At the same time, another part of the Ontario team, (Don McKay, Murray Riddolls and John Ellison, along with Ed Miller and Steve Adams), also worked steadily until they had completely wired the new hospital and re-wired the old one. That was a mammoth task that no one thought could be finished before the men had to return to Canada, but it was. Both buildings now have 24 hour electricity; thanks to the sun and the solar panels the men installed.
US News
From the U.S.A. West Coast: Phil Kazen reports that funds have been sent to Tony Flett in Nicaragua to assist with Mirta’s brain tumor surgery and recovery. Mirta has been attending the meetings and is really impressed with the kindness shown to her. Pray for Mirta. The radiation she must have is available only in Costa Rica a big expense. Tony has completed the hall in El Panama, a remote area where 40 professed to be saved. Eleven were baptized. Both electricity and clean water are non-existent. Now, if we could only ship our well-driller from Zambia!
John H. Adams
DNS Relief Fellowship
Romans 12:13
301 34 Swansea Rd., Unionville, ON L3R 0W3 Phil Kazen, 4611-109th PL. NE
Tel. 905-948-9972 john@dnsrelief.org Marysville, WA 98271 USA



Nudgings [August 2009]


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

August 2009


Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to
keep praying, keep trusting, & keep going


A statement in a book I was reading recently caught my eye & my attention. It was a comment on Gen.12:1. It said, “Abraham did not know for sure where he was going but he knew for sure with whom he was going.” How true! You will recall that Moses expressed the same confidence in the Lord when he said, “Is it not that thou goeth with us.” The felt presence of the Lord made all the difference.

We didn’t know for sure where we were going when we teamed up with a group from Florida and built the medical clinic in Haiti. We had no idea that a Gospel outreach from that clinic and the multi-purpose building beside it would result in a host of Haitians being saved and two assemblies being established. We did, however, have the confidence that HE was going with us. After all, it is HIS work, not ours. We don’t see a soon recovery of the economic situation in Haiti, but we do see the hand of the Lord working through the converts there and it is all with the purpose of bringing glory to His own name. Do you know of anything more important? I don’t.

Zambia, and particularly the tiring (maybe exhausting) labors of the missionaries in the different hospitals there, has been our focus lately. The four-wheel well driller that was sent from Ontario has been a great blessing and recently a brother who is in charge of that project purchased a used farm tractor to haul the unit from site to site. At this writing it is on the high seas on its way to the hospital in Chitokoloki.

A host of stories have come from Chitokoloki recently telling of native Zambians being transported by old, rickety, antiquated ambulances for five hours over indescribable bush trails. One mother was driven from another mission hospital and passed away at the entrance of the Chit hospital as she was being lifted from the ambulance. This was very upsetting to the nurses who were confident they could have saved her had she arrived sooner. That five hour ride could have been made in 25 minutes had a plane been available. A life would have been saved.

Two friends of DNS recently spent a month in Zambia evaluating the need there. They are now speaking out boldly, “We simply must find an airplane and pilot for the Chitokoloki hospital.”

As our readers know, NUDGINGS has never been sent out as a plea for funds but as a prayer request. This issue is asking for definite prayer that the Lord would supply a very-much-needed small plane and a pilot for the use of Chitokoloki and other mission hospitals. I still believe that it is the effectual, fervent prayer of righteous ones that avails much (Jas.5:16).

And our interest in Cuba has not waned. A trio of brethren from Ontario and Florida will be spending a week in Cuba next month. They are not only taking aid to the Christians there but will be assessing the need in view of further funds being made available. Another item for your prayer list.

John H. Adams

Nudgings [May 2009]


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

Nudgings * May 2009


When I sat down to write this newsletter, a verse from Proverbs 24 kept coming to my mind. I wanted to share two changes with you two changes that we thought worthwhile, but that verse! I said to myself, “Surely that verse doesn’t apply to every change. After all, the Lord changed His plan for Nineveh, didn’t He? And Paul changed his itinerary because he decided that instead of going to Bithynia he would go to Philippi. Perhaps the verse, ‘Meddle not with them that are given to change,’ does not apply to all changes.”

DNS Relief Fellowship has not changed its interest and concern for Haiti and the deep poverty there. It is still much on our hearts. I mentioned before the multi-purpose building beside the medical clinic in Ouanaminthe. The walls are up, the metal roof is on and cement shipped from the U.S. will soon make possible a cement floor – something new for that north-east corner of Haiti. It should be virtually termite proof. Both the assembly and the Christian school will use that building.

No, DNS is not changing its focus, it is just responding to another area of need, Central Africa. You will understand how vitally important it is to have clean water in the hospitals in Africa and we are concerned.

At Chitokoloki, the Zambians haul their water for drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. from the Zambezi River. The missionaries at Chit have lost count of the number of both children and adults who have been ruthlessly snatched from the river bank by crocodiles, never to be seen again.

All hospitals must have sterile water, not Zambezi River water. Clean water is being trucked in but that is both expensive and inconvenient.

As well as caring for those who are hospitalized because of malnutrition, TB, malaria, leprosy, HIV/AIDS, cholera, accidents and many other very serious conditions, in one month the staff at Chitokoloki performs over 100 surgeries and welcomes more than 60 newborn babies.

That is why DNS is involved in sending equipment and is backing the manpower needed to drill wells in Zambia. Workers from Western Ontario, using a well driller shipped from Canada, are freely giving their time to drill deep wells in Africa. They are missionaries indeed because, through interpreters, they share the Gospel with the local people who
excitedly express their thanks for the Christian love shown to them. There is always a grateful audience at the well-drilling sites, always a thankful group eager to hear of the Water of Life and God’s simple plan of salvation.

It goes without saying that we crave your prayers. You are deeply appreciated. It is still the effectual, fervent prayer of righteous ones that avails much. (Jas. 5:16).

Please note: We have changed the home address of DNS from Suite 307 – 34 Swansea Road to Suite 301. We have also added www.dnsrelief.org. Many of you are computer literate and will be able to bring up that website on your computer. Two worthwhile changes.

John H. Adams

Nudgings [ December 2008]


      How do you explain the desperate poverty in Haiti? Why would God allow 2,000+ Haitians to lose their lives during the recent hurricane and flooding there? There is really only one answer to those questions. Jesus said, “Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight”. (Matt. 11:26).

Let us not forget that God is never obligated to explain why He does anything, but there is a day coming when we are going to be asked what we did to alleviate the suffering we knew about.

You won’t read about it in the newspapers but I have learned that anarchy reigns in Haiti. The corrupt army and the ruthless police-force are in control. There is no restraint; no authorities to see that laws are obeyed.

Did you read about the government soldier who ordered a distraught mother to silence her crying baby? She pleaded, “I can’t stop him. He’s thirsty and I have no milk or water to give him.” The soldier roughly grabbed the baby from his mother’s arms and threw him into the river. “There! now he’ll have lots of water to drink.” To her dying day that mother will grieve for her son. Atrocities even worse than that are happening every day in Haiti.

The latest news is that, as a result of the hurricane and flooding, more than 2,000 are dead and 1,000,000 are left homeless. Of that number, 300,000 are children. Stop a moment and consider – 300,000 boys and girls will not have a roof over their heads tonight and many of them will search for days for their fathers and mothers who loved them dearly. That’s enough to melt the hardest heart.

DNS Relief Fellowship and other groups are providing the necessary funding so that both believers and nonbelievers will have at least one meal a day. Because of poor nutrition and rampant diseases (HIV/ AIDS, cholera, malaria, TB, etc.) very few Haitians live past fifty years of age. Borrowing the question of Jeremiah, (Lam. l:12). “Is it nothing to you?” It meant something to the Good Samaritan on the Jericho road.

In response to the command of the Lord to love their neighbor as themselves, a group of doctors, surgeons, nurses, hygienists, carpenters and other tradesmen are making trips to Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic. They are taking medicines, clothes, mattresses and food to the devastated Gonaives district which was the hardest hit area of Haiti. This is made possible through the kindness of Christians in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Some years ago a large group of native Haitians moved across the border to obtain work in the Dominican Republic. It was there that they first heard the good news of the Gospel. They realized that Voodooism, and not Roman Catholicism, was the recognized national religion of the country and most of their relatives had never learned of God’s simple plan of salvation. One by one the Lord nudged them to return home to Haiti and through their personal testimonies many were saved. It was they who lost everything in the flooding. It was they who, like the early believers, “took joyfully the spoiling of their goods.” Heb. 10:34.

Most readers will know that DNS is taken from Rom. 12:13: Distributing to the Necessity of the Saints.” This registered non-profitable organization commenced by assisting poverty stricken saints but is now also distributing to the necessity of sinners.

John H Adams  –   December 2008

DNS, c/o Philip Kazen,

4611-109th Place NE,

Marysville, WA. U.S.A., 98271.