2016 Haiti #7 10-12


Report 7

October 11, 2016 Evening

Good evening Brothers and Sisters

Well today I was able to round up some Cholera medicine, Electro Lite ( The powder you mix with water for dehydration) and some tarps to take up to the mountain people.

The tarps were given to me by Samaritans Purse and the Cholera medicine was donated from LifeLine Christian mission here in Grand Goave.

It is so good when the body of Christ works together.

I sent my other Gator driver Franz up to deliver everything, the picture of the guy with the donkey came from the area where the 3 people died.

His name is Brutus and he walked 3 hours to meet Franz, his school and church were totally destroyed by the hurricane.

The other man holding the tarps and medicine is Ishmy, he is located where we are building the Radio Station.

The other pictures are temporary structures the people have made to sleep in.

Now the following words below are for my friends on facebook who have been trying to contact me, they are not necessarily on my email mailing list.

I am getting so many of you asking how you can help and I am deeply humbled by this.

The mountain people have lost everything so it would be great if we could replace some of what they lost.

For instance a lot of them lost their livestock, it would be a Blessing to purchase some animals for them.

They also lost their gardens so if we could help to buy some seeds so they can replant.

As some of you know I have been buying coffee from a lot of the families that were affected by this hurricane.

Coffee is there cash crop, they make more income from coffee than any other thing they grow.

I am currently purchasing coffee from about 400 families, from what I have seen I would estimate that 60% of the coffee plants in these areas were destroyed.

Coffee is their bank account so to purchase new trees for them would sure be a great way to help.

If you are interested to help I have put together some costs for purchasing these things.

Prices are in USD currency

Cow-    $300.00

Pig-       $60.00

Goat-     $50.00

Horse-    $270.00

Donkey- $150.00

Chicken-    $5.00

Coffee plant- $1.00

For my American Brothers and Sisters you can donate through CMML (Christian Missions in many Lands)

Their website is www.cmml.us  When you go onto their site you will see in the top right corner “How to give” Just click there and follow the instructions. When mailing you need to include a separate piece of paper saying who the donation is for. In my case you would write Tony Jones Haiti.


For my Canadian Brothers and Sisters you contact MSC Canada  (Missionary Services Committee)   www.msccanada.org.

On their homepage click “Workers” then “workers abroad”

Scroll down till you see Tony and Edna Jones

Click on my name and follow instructions.


Thank you so much Brothers and Sisters and please keep Haiti in your Prayers

Not to mention the Jones family also


Lord Bless


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2016 Haiti #6 Cholera Outbreak

We have a bigger problem looming right now as I type, Cholera has just broken out in the regions I have been going.

This morning I had 20 calls from the leaders up where we minister and just this morning they buried 3 people.

The dead animals etc has contaminated their only source of water, this is going to be really really bad Brother.

The other problem is there is no way to get help to these people, the roads are gone.

The strain of Cholera they have here can kill in just 5 hours.

I may have to use the Gator to help bring some of the people down, keep us in Prayer Brother.

Lord Bless



2016 Haiti #5 10/10

Hi Everyone

Well today was our first trip with some food up into the mountains.

Yesterday when we went up to check on the roads I could only go so far.

Today there was some men working on the road who filled in some of the ditches.

So today I could go further which was great because I was able to save the guys coming to get the food 3 hours off their trip.

I had told them they would need 4 donkeys to carry the food but when we arrived to our destination there was 9 guys and no donkeys.

As it turns out the animals that survived the hurricane are now all sick and not able to carry anything.

So these men each put a sac of food on their heads and carried them back to their village.

These sacs each weighed 88 lbs and the guys had to travel 2 hours to get back home, and they are,nt walking on the Canada trail.

Now on the way back down we stopped to Thank the city road crew.

They all put their hands out and wanted me to pay them for their work but I told them I would bring them some food.

They said Food!!!  Oh no bring us some Rum Ha!

All in Prayer Brothers and Sisters

Thanks so much for your support

Lord Bless


gator haitreport5

Haiti Update October 9, 2016

October 9, 2016

Hi Everyone

Well yesterday we went up to one of the mountain areas where we will be delivering food.

Usually with the Gator I am able to get up far enough that will shave off anywhere from 2 to 6 hours off a trip made by the mountain people to come and get food.

For instance I have some guys coming later this week to get food, it will take them 10 hours to come to town.

Before the hurricane hit I could load the Gator up with food and go meet them in the mountains, I would shave 5 hours off their trip.

As you see from the picture took yesterday the roads are no longer there, in front of the Gator was a 3 ft deep ditch.

Now what do you do when you get a flat in the mountains and you don,t have a jack?

Easy just get some hard working Haitians to lift up the Gator so you can take the tire off.

You then call a motorcycle to come up and take the tire into town to get it fixed and then have the driver bring it back

Now what if while you are up there a storm comes and the trails become too muddy for a motorcycle to come all the way back up, easy just meet the motorcycle on the trail and carry the wheel and tire on your shoulder the rest of the way.

Emmanuel who you see in the picture and my friend Franz carried that tire for 2 hours on their shoulders.

When I tell you the Haitians are hard workers I mean it.

Please keep Haiti in your Prayers Brothers and Sisters

Lord Bless


Haiti – October 7, 2016

Mornin Everyone

Well now that the hurricane is gone and things are now just settling back to abnormal.
When we were here during the earthquake I thought nothing could be more damaging but now it is becoming clear that this hurricane will probably exceed the earthquake in certain areas.

As you know my heart and ministry is with the mountain people that live above Grand Goave.
When the earthquake hit they were not affected like the towns were.
In town most of the construction is block and during the earthquake those building either collapsed or were heavily damaged.

The mountain people on the other hand live in tiny wooden houses with dirt floors, those building just shook and lost a few boards but did not collapse.
The death toll in the mountains was very little compared to the towns, some lost their life from landslides but other things like their cattle and crops were untouched.

Now lets put in to play what just happened here and how the mountain people were affected by this hurricane.

Imagine going about your day in the mountains with the women cooking food while the men tend to their goats,cattle and gardens.
Because they have no radio or phone signal they had no idea what was coming towards them, most of them knew nothing of the hurricane coming.
If they had know they would have moved there cattle, goats, chickens etc to lower ground, usually the nearest valley.

But on the evening the hurricane hit they went to bed as usual only to wake up to 145 mph winds.
In my 9 years here I have never ever seen damage to the mountains like I have in the last couple of days.

The mountain people lost everything and I mean everything, their houses, churches,schools, cattle,goats,chickens and all their crops.

You can imagine those winds hitting nothing more than a tiny drive shed they call home.
I was partners with Pastor Leonce( Enocs Dad) on a goat farm and every goat was killed and the building that held the goats was destroyed, nothing left.

Now I have only seen a tear in Leonces eye once before and that was when our Lord released the demons from his son John Baptist, but now he has lost everything.
His school which is also the church that we help support lost most of it,s roof, we can repair that.
Their fruit trees are all laying on the ground, bean crops that were 1 month from harvest totally wiped out.

Hunger is going to be a huge problem in the next couple of weeks,with the crops gone there will be a shortage of food.
Not to mention they have lost all the income they would have received from selling their crops.

Yesterday I had 2 mountain guys come to my door, they live 7 hours up from my house, their story was the same they lost everything.

Today another friend of mine who lives 9 hours away called me and asked for help, same deal everything gone including 27 homes in his little village.

So now Brothers I will do what I can for these souls and Pray to our almighty God for a miracle to take place in their hearts.

What I love about helping these people is I always get to tell them “It isn,t Tony Jones helping you but God in Tony Jones that is helping you.

So for now I will be trying to get some food up to these guys, they told me most of the roads have been washed away.
I sent a Haitian friend up there at 3 am this morning to check out the damage in the farther areas and to see how far up we can take the Gator.

I have a small amount of food left over from the container sent to me by Carl Nabein of Kids Against Hunger.
I will distribute that out while Carl tries to find us another container of food.

Please keep these precious people in your Prayers.

In all of this let GOD get the glory
Lord Bless

Haiti 2016 – Hurricane Matthew

Hi Folks,

I just finished talking to Tony Jones in Grand Goave, Haiti. He is the brother that is working up in the mountains with extremely poor folk. You can only get there by mule. The ATV’s will get almost there but the last hour or so not even they can make it. The Lord’s machines work best. Tony has started schools, churches and of late a small transmitter for special radios. [I am not sure the radio is finished yet?]

The hurricane has wiped out all the trees and power poles in his city. He says they won’t have power for about 2 months but then he added: “We normally don’t have that much power anyway so we are used to it.” However, the mountain folk have lost everything.

He spent the whole morning talking to mountain folk. He was somewhat emotional when he spoke. Apparently they knew nothing about the hurricane coming so all their animals ….. mostly goats, some cows are dead. Because they had no idea that the hurricane was coming and went to bed. When they were awakened not even some of their huts were left. Their crops are destroyed and they were only 2 months from harvest. Tony said that there will be some hunger up in the mountains in the near future.

The ones who made it down to the city where Tony is said that there is no way any 4-wheeler will be able to go any distance because of all the mud-slides. The roads are destroyed and even the trails are blocked.

It was so good to hear his voice and to know that we have someone there we can trust to help in this moment of tragedy. He is a no nonsense guy and up and until now has worked selflessly for these forgotten people by most of the missions.

He said that in the area up in the mountains where he works there are at least 27 dead. So not only have they lost their belongings but they have lost family and all their means of survival. [Animals/crops]

If you would like to help through Tony Jones you can send funds to:

DNS Relief at my address here in Tampa. If you are in Canada MSC I am sure will be happy to help. No doubt CMML also will handle funds also. Simply indicate they are for Haiti/Tony Jones.

DNS Relief Fellowship [Distributing to the Necessity of Saints – Romans 12:13]

DNS Relief Fellowship
4311 – 116th Street NE Unit A
Marysville, WA 98271

There is no doubt that there will be other needs in the DR, Bahamas and even here in the U.S. Give carefully. Give where you think it best serves the Body of our Lord.

Al Adams

Haiti Report [2012]



Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


The following is a report from Al Adams of Tampa Bay, FL January 26, 2012

There are two items that involve many hours of time and commitment as it relates to this country.

The first had to do with a team of men from the UK who wanted to visit Haiti. We were able to coordinate a meeting for them with different folk that are working in Haiti. I was pleased that we were able to pull it off as coordinating for folk that you have never met and don’t know can be difficult. I am sure it wasn’t all they expected but it was the best we could do remotely. The fellow who travels to Haiti from the capital in the Dominican Republic [up to three times a week] was able to meet them. [Joshua.]

The second item I have great hope for as it relates to the future. It didn’t even take place in Haiti. A brother from N. Miami Beach [Richard Heron] has been making trips to Haiti almost as long as I have. He has a strong connection to Port au Prince. He has known a brother [Harris] for many years who was commended from Jamaica to Haiti by two different fellowships in Kingston decades ago. Brother Heron called me when he heard of some of the works that were being done by the Dominican brethren after the earthquake. He is a delightful brother who has good insight and a head full of discernment.

A younger man called Fritz Junior Shirley who was mentored by the brother [Harris] who went to Haiti from Jamaica and also brother Heron, recently was brought to Florida by his family. Junior [as he likes to be called/I like Fritz better] is in his late 30’s and from Port au Prince. We were able to meet with him for over 2 hours in Ft. Myers, FL. Junior was very careful about accepting us. I liked that! He struck me as a young man who is all about his work for the Lord and not about having his hand out looking for money. He wanted to see our “Statement of Faith”. He simply wasn’t going to just accept us blindly. This was so refreshing to me. With over 10,000 NGO’s [Organizations] in Haiti doing humanitarian work there are plenty of Haitians who have learned who to play for personal gain.

Junior teaches/administers a Bible school about 3 hours out of Port au Prince. He was most interested when I told him that we could perhaps get him some French Bible commentaries from Canada. He has now written me several times and reminded me that it would be great if I could get some books there for a February graduation. He told me the students would love to have a book to take with them. These now are on their way and we hope that Joshua from the Dominican Republic will be able to get them to him.

Our great hope for Junior is that we will finally get a series of assemblies established in the Port au Prince area with the help of both Haitian and Dominican brethren. Junior made it a point to tell us that it has taken him over five years to get the folk in his fellowship to not call him “pastor”. He said I have told them: “I am no different than you just call me brother.” In a society where “tribal mentality” is viewed as almost sacred one has to admire his tenacity and success in this area.

The Dominican brethren are very excited about this new contact and want to help him become more financially independent. Junior lives very humbly but didn’t once ask us for a cent nor has he asked the Dominican brethren. The Dominican Republic is a literal supply house [secularly] for Haiti in many different areas. It is their intention to set Junior up with a supply of auto parts so that he can sell them in Port au Prince and become a “tent-maker” in the biblical sense an improve not his own situation but those of others there.

There are other areas in Haiti where we have been able through the Dominican and Haitian brethren to help. Wells have been dug, church buildings restored and believer’s homes either built or re-built.

With friends in the U.S. DNS built and is now helping to maintain a medical clinic in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Recently a new roof was added to a multipurpose building which will be used for the local assembly and for the school. A welder was imported for the structural work. A cement floor is planned along with suitable shutters for the windows.

There are five different addresses where one can send financial help if they so wish.

CMML – PO Box 13 , Spring Lake , NJ 07762-0013

DNS Relief for USA – 4611 109th Place NE Marysville , WA 98271-8355
DNS Relief for Canada – 301 – 34 Swansea Road Unionville , ON L3R 0W3
MSC Canada – 101 Amber Street, Unit 16, Markham , Ontario , Canada , L3R 3B2
56th Street Gospel Chapel Inc., 3902 Corporex Park Drive, Suite 650, Tampa, FL 33619