Zambia Wells Report


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


In Chitokoloki, DNS is assisting in drilling wells for the Mission Hospital and helping in a water turbine project in the Zambezi River which will provide 24 hour a day electricity for all the Mission buildings. In March Ken Wagler, along with many others were able to drill 11 wells. In one of the sites the village had been waiting for 20 years for a well to be drilled. In June two more men from Canada will be leaving for Zambia to drill ever more wells. The well drilling unit is on a trailer. A new tractor to pull the trailer well-driller has been purchased and will be shipped via ACCTS (MSC Canada provided this tractor) to Zambia in a large container/trailer. DNS with the help of Erb transport was able to provide the large trailer which will be loaded from the MSC/ACCTS warehouse.