2019 July 17 Haiti

Hi Everyone, I will title this email: “ONLY IN HAITI”  HA!

Guys this is another email that  while I’m typing I am shaking my head ha! There is no doubt in my mind that when our Lord calls me off the mission field I am going to write a book Ha!

So as some of you know here in Grand Goave we have been getting electricity 14 hours per week for the past year, that’s right 14 hours per week.  Lately it has been down to 11 hours per week, let me explain.

The government is very upset with Grand Goave because 70% of the homes do not pay their electric bill. Most homes illegally  tap into other homes that actually pay their bills, us being one of the paying customers.  They run wires from their homes and splice them into the paying customers lines, they unhook them during the day and attach them at night.

So the main government threatened our local mayor here in Grand Gove saying that if he didn’t get these problems looked after they would remove all electricity from our town. Electricity is supplied to Grand Goave via a large Caterpillar diesel generator situated at a generator station located between here and the next town west of us.

Each generator produces power to a local area, if your town doesn’t pay its electricity bill to the government (Haiti Electric) then they are slow to turn run your generator.  So today our Mayor got a tip from a government snitch in Port au Prince Ha!
The mayor was told that because this situation hadn’t been dealt with the government was sending a truck to come get the Grand Goave generator and bring it back to Port au Prince.  The informant gave him  an exact description of the truck that would be coming to get the generator so the mayor got in touch with our towns main gagster, he is a close friend of the mayors Ha!

Now there is only one highway to the generator station and it goes right through our town.  So the gangster rounded up his posse and they all headed for the main highway.  They waited some time and sure enough the informant was right, here comes the truck that fits the description.

So the mob just sits on the side of the road and lets the truck pass, 1 hour later here it comes with the Generator loaded behind it.  Upon seeing the truck the mob instantly takes to the streets blocking its path, the driver knew the gig was up but he wasn’t giving up that easily Ha!

He slowed the truck down a bit then floored it Ha!, unfortunately for the driver he slowed the truck down too much and his turbo didn’t kick in (Ha! Ha!) thus allowing the gang guys to jump onto the truck.

With guns pointed at the driver and his 2 passengers he reluctantly pulled over.  The gang guys told him to drive to city hall where the mayor was waiting, as they were pointing their guns at him they gave him directions.

Now city hall is 150 feet from our house and I see at least 100 people running by the front of our house. The mayor was waiting and he directed the driver to our local police station where the chief of police would meet him. (I use the term Chief of Police very loosely).  Upon arrival the police chief makes the driver unhook the generator right in front of the police station, then tells him to get outa Dodge before the crowd turns on him. The driver then takes off into the sunset Ha! Ha!

God help this country

2019 May 12 – Haiti Report

 Well I am back to about 95% after my accident, by end of next week I should be fully recovered.
Our Lord continues to Bless our Kids Prison Ministry, two weeks ago we had 4 of the boys profess faith in Christ.
This morning I had a nice visit from one of the boys we led to the Lord about 1 month ago.
As some of you may know I had Frantz go see one the main Judges in the town where the boys are being held.
He was aware of our visits with the boys so Frantz was able to discuss with him about allowing some of them to be released.
Not 2 weeks after that meeting one of the boys (Ricardo) was released and showed up at my door.
We were able to buy him some clothes so he could attend Church, he is doing great and drops by to see me regularly
This morning a knock on the door and there is Dieufils( God’s son in creole).
He was released 3 days ago and came to Thank us for our Prayers and support while he was in prison.
He had spent 13 months in jail for fighting and told me this morning he is now a different person thanks to Jesus.
He lives in the town where the jail is and has found a church he wants to attend, before he could say any more I told him “Just a minute”
I then gave him a gift that would allow Dieufils to buy some clothes so he could attend church.
He gave me a hug and I then I asked for his phone number, will keep in touch with him to see how he is doing.
Please keep the boys in your Prayers
Lord Bless
PS: Dieuflis is the boy behind bars standing in the middle with a white shirt.

Haiti Update – January 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope you and your families had both a Blessed CHRISTmas and New Years.

This year we continued with our annual mountain outreach ministry held from Dec 26 till the 30th.
We fellowship with the Brothers and Sisters of our mountain Churches and Bless them with the word and a Christmas dinner.

It all started with delivering gifts to the children that attend out kids clubs, Samaritans purse has supplied me with all the shoe-boxes needed for our schools and churches.

During our time up there with other Brothers and Sisters we go door to door to evangelize and invite the unsaved to come hear the Gospel. Because of the sheer difficulty in reaching some of these people where they live I hire a local Brother and his donkey to ride around the mountain tops with a megaphone inviting people to come out
We had people that walked 2 hours just to attend our outreach because they heard the megaphone, you would not believe how sound travels down that steep mountain terrain.

For me this had to be the most successful humbling outreach we have had yet, mostly do in part to the film series King of Glory. A couple years back I was invited to speak at some Florida assemblies staying with a host family. While talking with Calvin about our Ministry I explained to him about how much the Jesus film impacted the mountain people.

You need to understand that most of the mountain people we disciple have never seen a movie or even know what one is. To be able to go up there and show the Jesus film in there own native language was a real Blessing to them, it helped them “Get it”.

Calvin then told me about a video series called “King of Glory” www.rockintl.org It was the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation in animation geared towards children, as I have told you most mountain adults relate better to the way children’s bible stories are written than adult ones.

He then showed it to me and like most good biblical films out there it was not available in Haitian Creole. Calvin then put me in touch with one of the founders of KOG and after explaining to him about our mountain ministry he gave us permission to have the series translated into Haitian Creole.

Brother Calvin talked with some other Churches and together they financed the entire translation process, we were able to find a good studio here in Haiti that completed the work. Pastor Enoc whom works with me and speaks very good English translated the entire series. To give you an idea on how this film impacted the mountain people you need to realize a couple of things first. Approximately 70 to 80% of the mountain people cannot read or write, if you cannot read scripture how can you learn or grow spiritually. How can you understand GOD!!!

Another problem is that you have to believe what people tell you, how can you search the scriptures to make sure what you are hearing is truth. Like I have mentioned,70% of the so called Pastors I have met do not know the Lord.

This is especially true when the so called “Pastor” you listened to on Sunday is also attending voodoo ceremonies through the week at the local temple. We had some ladies from another community travel 2 hours to come see the film, when it was finished they came up to us and said “They lied to us” They attend a Catholic Church that is in their area.

So to be able to go to these mountain people and show them a movie in their own language that explains salvation clearly is a huge Blessing to them.

Most mountain people have never seen a movie in their life or even know what one is.
When you turn on the projector everyone goes into shock, the room becomes silent as 200 people stare at the figures that they are seeing on the bed-sheet hanging on the wall.

The film begins and they are just mesmerized by what they are watching,as I told some of you when we first showed the Jesus film we had a woman walk up to the bed-sheet we used as the screen and look behind it thinking the people she was watching were actually behind the bed-sheet.

Because of the visual effect the film has on the mountain people they listen intensely to understand what they are seeing. For me it was so humbling to know that they were now able to understand more clearly what we have been saying to them over the years.

Yes “Faith comes by hearing”

So now some of the people from other communities that attended our outreach have invited us to come show the film in their community. For the next 2 months we will be showing the KOG and sharing the Gospel to other remote mountain communities.

We are so Blessed to be part of what GOD is doing in the mountains of Haiti. Thank you all so much for your Prayers and support.

In Him


PS” Pictures of us showing the film were too dark, will get a good camera and send some next time

India Update – November, 2018

Ken Wagler visited the saints in India and recorded some of the work that he witnessed there.



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Once again on Jan. 4th the first of two well drilling teams left for Zambia and as usual the unknown lay ahead, but even in those members of the team that were placed there by the Lord it was evident that He was working “all things out for His glory”.  The first team consisted of Steve Vandenbrink, Walter Kropf and Mark Lichty to focus on well drilling along with Brian Anderson and myself to focus on saw milling a huge pile of logs into lumber to be used on a building project up at Sakeji mission school and also for various building projects around Chitokoloki. Steve had been on several previous teams and was able to carry on with well drilling as Brian and I spent the majority of our time milling the logs that had been brought in to Chit and were awaiting our arrival. Brian is a service technician with Wodmizer and his help in servicing the sawmill and in milling the lumber proved to be such a blessing. So for the three weeks they were with us Steve, Walter and Mark were able to drill three wells, each one with its own challenges while Brian and I worked away on the sawmill.  Brian, Walter and Mark had to return home before the end of Jan. and were replaced by a second team consisting of Dave Wagler, Colin Metzger and Roy Horst. They installed the last of the pumps at Chit before moving to Dipalata mission along with Steve and myself to begin drilling the first of four wells up there.  While they worked on the first of the four wells drilled there Steve and I began a building project along with Jeff Speichinger the local missionary, using some of the lumber we had cut for him down at Chit. We also installed a grinding mill for Jeff to make feed for his flock of goats as well as custom grind maze for the local folks, this will be a new ministry opportunity for him to connect with the local people.  We also installed a total of 12 more solar panels to his solar installation to give him 24hr. power along with a solar powered pump to pump water for them from a well we had previously drilled. Dave was also able to use the tractor to clear several acre of land for Jeff to begin a small garden/farming project.
This year also gave many opportunities for sharing the gospel. Each village where a well was drilled had a gospel presentation at the well dedication and there were several requests for bible studies in a couple of the villages. Also each Tues. and Thurs. afternoon 15 to 25 young men as well as one lady a local school teacher came to Jeff’s house for a bible study. These proved to be very special times with great interest and many questions. These sessions would last 2 or 3 hrs. with them often having to walk home in the dark, but no one wanted to leave. We also had opportunity to minister in several of the local assemblies and also out at the Katonto assembly conference about 2 hrs. out in the bush from Dipalata. These are unique opportunities and only eternity will reveal all that was accomplished for the Lord, but we trust He was honoured in and through all these many activities this year. Some of us were able to extend our tickets and so we returned home in there different stages on Mar. 4th, 10th and 17th.
We also were made aware again of the pressing need for wells in these remote villages as on Mar.10th the day Colin and I returned home, a young 14 yr, old girl fom Kabambi village where we had just installed our last pump was taken by a croc and a lady from Manoah village where we had just drilled but did not have the pump installed yet was also badly bitten but managed to escape.  So we pray for health and strength to be able to carry on this very needy work.